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Our History

Chris Merlick, founder and CEO of Label Solutions, Inc., learned the printing business from the ground up over a 15-year career in the printing industry before founding his company. Chris believes that experience and working with others are great teachers of learning how to be the best at what you do and recognizing the values you have to contribute during the process. Chris forged ahead and began is company in 2007 with a focus on manufacturing high-end, premium labels and packaging with an emphasis on quality. He wanted to and has achieved pushing the artistic boundaries of the medium.

Label Solutions added a team of industry experts focused on delivering premium labels and packaging using high-quality equipment. The goal is to meet and exceed their customers’ needs and increase their customers’ brand awareness.

Our Mission

We strive for excellence in all we do to provide customized, premium label solutions for our customers and their brands.

Our Vision

Our experienced team works toward exceeding our customers’ expectations using high-performance equipment and a culture of constant innovation.
We believe by exhibiting leadership and working together we all grow.

Our Core Values


By listening to our customers, team, community and industry, we continually strive to understand and meet the needs of others.


We remain proactive and flexible in working with our partners (customers, employees and suppliers) to ensure their success by adapting to market trends and technological innovations.


Because of our history together and mutual respect, we believe in each other enough to expect and appreciate the high standards we have set.


As we reach to attain excellence in all that we do, we are building better people who stand behindour products. Our stamp of excellence exemplifies the “premium” in premium labels.


To develop leadership qualities and skills that promote trust, success and harmony, we practice leading by example.


We are focused on challenging the processes by asking “Why” for the purpose of finding the best solutions for our customers’ problems.


National retailers such as the following display Label Solutions’ printed labels produced for a variety of popular brands. Our experienced staff prints premium labels to brand specifications for our customers who depend on us to make their products stand out on the shelves and displays.

Supplier Partnerships

Our supplier partnerships are a critical component of our business. These partners provide the materials and equipment that allow us to create Premium Labels that make your brand stick.

Community Partnerships

We believe in knowing our business, giving back to our local community and being the best we can be. Our connection with the following organizations allows us to improve the lives and business for others as we continue to improve ourselves.