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We have listed our most commonly asked client questions and our answers to help address some questions you may have. If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 214-553-9313 to talk with an experienced customer support representative or send us an email.

We print flexographic and digital labels

One of the services we offer is the knowledge of what is best for you – what will make your brand look best and what will provide you the most economical choice. Digital printing is best suited for shorter runs or multi-version print runs. Flexographic printing presses take longer to setup, but press speeds are faster. Flexographic presses are a better option for larger orders. Both processes are calibrated to match each other and provide a seamless transition between each other.

We need the size of the label, an example of the design and your estimated ordering quantities. Information about how the label will be applied and what it will be applied to is helpful in determining

Call us at 214-553-9313 or email us at with information about your labeling project and we’ll work up a quote with various quantities to help you decide the best way to manage the project. If necessary, we’ll meet with you personally to help you devise a label strategy that helps accomplish your product’s goals. Once you have decided on your design, size, material and quantity, we’ll email you a PDF proof for approval. When the proof is approved, we’ll schedule your labels for production and in 5-7 business days your labels will be shipped out to you. We accept payment via checks, credit cards, bank drafts and credit cards.

Our typical lead time is 5-10 working days depending on the scope of your project. We can expedite your order with a 24 or 48 hour turnaround for an additional charge.

Not necessarily. Most of the labels we print have graphics that were provided by our customers. However, we do offer graphic design services. From small short-run items to full product lines, our design team can help you realize the vision for your products.

That depends on what type of product you are labeling. We offer papers, films (white, clear & metallized), foils, holographic, pouch & form-fill-seal materials, non pressure-sensitive materials and many other face stocks. Talk to your customer service representative about your material options.

There are a variety of label adhesives available – permanent, temporary, removable and repositionable are a few. Label environment and the type of surface the label is applied to are important considerations when choosing an adhesive.

Yes! We work closely with our customers to insure they never run out of their labels with an inventory management program. You share your forecasts with us and we’ll share our shelf space with your labels.

Yes, we have a sample pack of labels we will mail you. Please click here to Request a Sample Pack, complete your contact information and click send. We’ll mail you some freshly-printed hand-cut samples for your evaluation.

Labels are designed to be applied to products and stickers are individually cut for easy distribution to individuals.

Labels can be provided in roll or sheet form.

We do not require a minimum order. We have digital and flexographic printing presses and can accommodate orders of any size. From 10 labels to 10,000,000 labels- no order is too big or too small.

Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP or email (depending upon file size) are all good options for sending graphics. Talk to your customer service representative to determine which is best for you.

When we receive an order for a new line or individual item, our art team will work closely with you to insure that your vision is successfully executed. Your customer service representative will email proofs and revisions until you are completely satisfied with the design. Once the design is approved, we’ll work our magic to insure that they are optimized for the printing process and schedule your labels for production.

The United States of America

Yes. We have a local courier service that makes deliveries for a nominal fee. You can also pick orders up yourself during normal business hours or use your own courier service.